About Us

Our Philosophy

We take pride in offering the latest in electronic medical record technology that allows us access to patient medical records and health information. These latest advancements allow us to send and receive information from everyone involved in the care process. This ensures patient safety while offering the most up-to-date medical treatment and individual privacy. Through electronic prescription services we can decrease wait times at the pharmacy and protect accuracy of medications.

Our goal at Platinum Medical Clinic is to establish ourselves as a hub for quality healthcare and to provide a kind and caring environment where our patients can feel comfortable knowing that they are receiving the finest healthcare available.


Establishing a Safe Environment

Platinum Medical Center has a commitment to the health care needs of our communities. It is our top priority to provide a safe, reliable and inclusive place to receive care. We follow all sanitary, safety, and social distancing guidelines. Anyone visiting a Platinum Medical Center facility operating site and/or building will be subject to thermal screening upon entrance and held to all COVID-19 and other health protocol.


Innovative Technology

Up-to-date, high-tech equipment is key to every medical specialty. Platinum Medical Center uses state-of-the-art medical technology to best diagnose illnesses and treat our patients. With the use of innovative devices and diagnostics, we stay committed to rapid, safe, and effective treatments. We offer many same-day testing for simple and complex diseases and infections.